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 Personal Fitness training: One on One or Small Group training.

Max Flex fitness assists our clients to overcome obstacles and empower them to achieve Fitness and wellness goals. Max Flex fitness consultants are highly trained and accredited professionals who are skilled in NASM Optimum performance model and Corrective exercise.   This model of fitness is scientifically proven to improve muscular function, movement patterns, and over all well being.  Our programs are customized to the individual and the needs and goals of our clients.  Every client will receive a complimentary fitness assessment to define  a specific need, integrated with the clients wellness objectives to determine the best program for our clients.

Personal Fitness Training

Corporate Fitness 

Max Flex fitness offers on-site Corporate Fitness programs such as Burn Build Blast Boot-camps, Tai-Chi, Yoga, Zumba, and Strong by Zumba. Our Corporate programs will help your company lower healthcare premiums and increase productivity in the workplace. 

Cognitive Fitness

Train your Brain for better cognitive function.

This 3 dimensional training tool combines multi-plane movement, direct recall (memory), decision making, and problem solving.  This mode of training is great for conditions such as Parkinson' s disease and victims of stroke which have suffered short term memory loss. After 1 month our client Craig was able to recall words that were verbalized with one of our coaches.  

Work-site Injury Prevention Workshops
Educate and train your employees in methods of safe and effective on the job operational practices such as safe lifting, proper stretching, and correct ergonomics for the specific task or work station. 


Healthy Cooking classes 

Let us teach you how to cook healthy and not have to spend your whole paycheck in the grocery store.  Let Max Flex fitness give you the tools to Eat healthy and enjoy a delicious meal with your co-workers.

About us

Since 2011, Max Flex Fitness, LLC has been committed to improving the lives of the greater Naples community.  Our team of elite fitness professionals and wellness coaches are dedicated to empowering and educating clients to reach optimal health and well-being.


Naples, Florida 34109, United States