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Welcome to the New and Improved YOU!

  Max Flex Fitness LLC. , is Southwest Florida's premier fitness and wellness company providing individual and corporate Fitness and Wellness programs at the highest level of  quality and customer service.

Max Flex Fitness, LLC was founded in 2011 by National Academy of Sports Medicine Master Trainer,  Nino Magaddino who is Collier County's only  professional of this  title and of 100 nationwide. Coach Nino has over 20 years of experience in the Fitness industry and carries his passion in the mission of his business "uncompromising levels of service and customized programs  based on scientific principles".  
The Max Flex team has helped our clients lose weight, build muscle, recover after surgeries and live the healthiest life possible!

Life Changing Client Testimonials!

Read more about the amazing results of our clients and  how Max Flex fitness is a major  part of the wellness  community of Southwest Florida.  

Beverly- Naples FL
Retired Health Care professional

"Before working with Max Flex fitness I never exercised in a Fitness center. My balance and strength have improved tremendously and I am more confident in my daily activities .   Max Flex Coaches have helped me retain my independence and live my life to the fullest".

Christy- Naples FL
Sheriffs Department

"I was 75lbs over weight and I struggled to pass the physical performance exam for the Sherrif's Department. The Max Flex team guided me and motivated me to get in better shape and not only pass but exceed expectations by shaving almost 5 minutes test time!"  .

Ron - Naples FL
 Retired Banking Executive 

I am a 77 year old retired executive who made a decision to improve my physical lifestyle and general health.  I looked for the right Coach and found Nino and the Max Flex team.   My balance and strength have improved and I have actually  lost weight. 
After a  recent knee replacement I was back enjoying hiking and golfing with in weeks. I actually was able to go Skiing with my Grandchildren. His knowledge and expertise exceeds that of any of my previous trainers. He is truly a Master Trainer".

Grace - Buffalo New York

During the Corona Virus Pandemic I was  quarantined  and desperately needed an exercise routine to help keep me in shape and engaged with other people.  I found Max Flex Fitness Online and It has been the best decision I could have made for my well-being.  My shoulder and hip pain are not an issue anymore and I feel great. I look forward to the Virtual Fitness  classes everyday.  


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