Julie lifts Trap bar Deadlift

"Coach Nino and Coach James have helped me tremendously with my weight lifting form , which allows me to become stronger and more efficient in everyday Life.  My Golf game has improved and its kind of nice to actually show that I have some Muscle tone".
Julie Brierly

Max Flex Fitness Reviews

Our experienced trainers will guide you to
  " Live your Best" Fitness and Wellness life!

Our experienced Fitness professional come from all Fitness backgrounds and achievements.  Many of our Trainers have had to experience what you are experiencing.  Heart issues,  Depression, Stress, Anxiety, and Heart conditions.  We overcame so we can show you how to Overcome!

Max Flex consultants helped me with my journey, One step at a time. It started with helping with better food choices then implementing workouts.  I have lost over 10lbs and have kept it off since returning back to school as a teacher, which can be very stressful.

Crystal Swader, Buffalo NY

Elementary School Teacher

I am 77 years old and when I retired I decided to make my health and fitness a priority.  I looked for the right Coach and I found Nino and his team.  My balance, strength, and endurance have improved dramatically.  
I play Golf 3 days per week, have been hiking, and have gone skiing with my Grandkids!

Ron Kaplan, Naples FL

Retired Business Executive 

Alina Sugoi- Ave Maria FL

"Coach Nino and his amazing team have been invaluable for improving my strength, endurance, and agility.  They helped me be prepared for my first Spartan race in which I was able to finish  in superior time ".