Max Flex Fitness Nutritional Products!

Healthy energy, Protein support, Wellness solutions!

Advocare Nutritional Products!

Max Flex Fitness has been using Advocare products since 2013.  Over 70 products from Protein, Energy, and Wellness such as Omega 3 and Fiber.  Informed Choice certified which is tested by 3rd party company for any banned substances.  Become a Preferred Customer to receive 20% discount on all products.


Zeal by Zurvita!

I discovered Zeal by Zurvita in 2018 and have been using ever since.  They only product that reduces stress and provides healthy energy.  Use as a drink in the morning or add to your smoothie.  An incredible source of vitamins, nutrients, adaptagens, and phytonutrients to help build immune health and reduce overall stress!